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Hello COD soldiers

Dark Tranquility

I am here to introduce myself properly after a bad start with me to blame (ouchh)

I am from the Netherlands, and have played Unreal Tournament99 for a long time, with years of breaks.
And also Quake 3 Arena railfreeze, but since some months I like COD 5 more :)

I have uploaded the first demo today. After viewing the wall of shame for COD 5 I was shocked, and ashamed even for not putting some time in for demos, while I can enjoy the servers for free.
What an amazing job the admins do here to keep the servers clean!!!
I want to thank for that, never knew it was so much work.

I will be here to upload demos of cheaters to be a bit of a help I can.

By mistake, my name got to Dark Transquility while it should be Dark Tranquility.
Makes me feel quite dirty, every time I come here ;)
If possible, can that be changed pls?