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CoD:WaW Hello admin team

Hello all friends :)
I wanted ask for help because I guess by accident I had to break some server rules and now when I try play in Call of duty world at war server =[JFF]= Cracked Server #1 I'm thrown away from server. Well maybe I can get help from host and I can be un blocked because I don't know what happend I just guess i broken one rule but just happend and I can't take time back but I want repair it that why I write message :) , and it's only game world we all play to have fun :) my nick name is Sweep_Time
Your name/nick in game?: Sweep_Time
Your IP?: 1.7.1263
Which one of our Admins banned you?: I don't know
Why you were banned?: I think maybe Insulting because I used word '' bull **** ''
Why should we unban you?: Well it's was only mistake and accident I understand my mistake , we are playing in games and sometimes we hear stupid things or we play with better or weak players but we just play to have fun :) I just want say to understand my small mistake and I want apply for unbun me , thank you Sweep_time