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Happy New Year Anubis


The Great
Hahaha thanks guys. I woke up like that (check my avatar) but now I'm, I'm kinda, happy (it is a strange feeling). I feel something warm around my heart, it's, it's kinda, nice...

EDIT: Btw Perdi, first picture is a photoshop!
Happy birthday Grumpy and yes drawn in that alcohol, you are from Croatia you can handle it!

Have fun dude and try to get used to that warm itching feeling around your heart! that will be us JFFers and many more ppl who care for ya!

Kiss from me


Troll master trolled by Admins
happy bday as***le :) hope u have a good one and keep going on our nerves much more years to come! may all ur wishes come true! cheers!

p.s. fckn selfie wtf !?>€_^¢π×\


2013's stuff
haha faggots how will be I able to be grumpy again with all those wishes, you're making it hard ....
I even decided to share myself and my ''friend with benefits'' that posted on my timeline for my b-day

I'm the male, hahaha
i dont want to brag, but i knew how this fking hottii looks like before 6 months <3
who could beilive this cat is a hotti?
gartz man i truly love you even thou u suck