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Got Grifed.

As the title said , i just got grifed on the builder world. As there are not really much builders , i think we can get the grifer. Anyway , there are lots of things that i just lost. Like 10 horses , one full iron chest , about 50 buckets. One full farm chest , there was like 3 pumpkins , 2 stacks of cocoa beans , 2 stacks of melons , 4 full diamonds armor sets , 3 horse diamond armor , 3 golden , 5 iron . But well , i won't tell all what there was , as i do not really remember. Could you rollback the server or something ? Or more exactly , is there any fucking way to get them back ? I would like you to let me the builder list , to check something there. I know 5 builders atm , me , aimi , sinana , his BF , and one wich name start with J. And i don't think there are any more. I would need at least the items back. As there were lots of things. Hope I will get some help.

@Ardens ( as i know you are the owner , i hope you'll help me out , thanks again. )
The horses were not so far , so i think that it wasn't done really much before i got on. So if you could get a log list it would be greate too.


Arma Guy
Retired Admin
Rolledback. Items that are missing make a list and pm them to me and I'll get you those. Something to do with first time players not getting a default group fast enough and spawning in the default world (Build) instead of being redirected to the Info Panels.
2 Diamond Horse Armors 3 Gold ones 4 Silver ones. 12 saddles
about 5-6 cobblestone chests. 2 pumpkin stacks 2 melon stacks 3 diamond full armor sets and one boots of diamond. 14 seeds stacks 6 wheat stacks one full iron chest 6 glowstone stacks. one cd from each type of them one stack of each type of them . 30 ender man eye (aprox) one clock 5 paper stacks. That's the most important items. I had some problems with my pc , sorry to be so fuckin' late , thanks again mate.