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Good Song :)


Meme Elite - BETA Squad Commander
Warteam Member
Here is something else I heard at the same place.
After listening to this I grew some chest hair and a manly beard. Chorus is amazing.


You are like the dead alive
And you seal the time you die
Hear the call behind the dark
You can hide and start the run
When the seventh night has come
And you realize the mark
Are you taken all alone
Holy Christ in flesh and bone
Pray, the werewolves left the ark

See it's not a sermon, they can't call me back
And when the moon is high, we call the pack - we attack!


Game Admin
I really dont like these bands/singers who like to dig in to ppl suffering only to promote their songs/albums. You show thousands of ppl getting beat up or killed and then you make these "mean" faces while the rest of the band jumps around and what, you feel their pain? And i dont care what the lyrics say, its always some sob story, war this, pain this and that, and the next thing you see is the band/singer in mtv cribs showing the unique way he/they spend their money. the way they share awareness is to buy more cars, chocolate fountains, and have a whole room just for their pets. Yep, true modern day saints! The video could have been about a bitchy girlfriend.