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Good Song :)

Discussion in 'Music & Video' started by Trobon, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. upsen

    upsen just a sheep. Kickrighted Donator

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  2. Blade

    Blade Hopeless case Banrighted Donator

  3. Hybrid

    Hybrid Banrighted Banrighted Warteam Member

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  4. True.north

    True.north Member Member

  5. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    tell me what do you think... I mean it seems nice as the song... maybe only to me
  6. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Banrighted

    I will make a really small sumary of this song: he just want tu fück her. End.
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  7. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    well not so bad ^^ xD we are all dirty at some point
  8. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    I.dont know why but I like this song very much.... Its kinda weird
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  9. Sammy

    Sammy Game Admin Game Admin Warteam Member

    ....We're standing face-to-face
    With our own human race
    We commit the sins again
    And our sons and daughters pay

    Our tainted history
    Is playing on repeat
    But we could change it
    If we stand up strong and take the lead....
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  10. BluFish

    BluFish Ardat-Yakshi Member Warteam Member

  11. Blade

    Blade Hopeless case Banrighted Donator

  12. BluFish

    BluFish Ardat-Yakshi Member Warteam Member

  13. Lyzone

    Lyzone MCMXCV

    Lol didn't expect anyone else besides me to rock out to these type of older songs here.

    Ever since I played Fallout:NV ages ago I had a soft spot for these old 40s 50s 60s type of songs. Still to this day I listen to them from time to time while I'm on the train after a long day or going for a walk in the city center late at night when night life starts and lights go on all over the place.

    Gives that sort of awesome Vegas vibe you know... Combine it with some gud kush or a drink and you got your self a relaxing little walk or a ride.

  14. True.north

    True.north Member Member

  15. Lady G

    Lady G Registered

  16. Trappz

    Trappz Member ツ Member

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