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Good Song :)


One of the best bands from Slovenia, the singer is called Vlado Kreslin, and he is still making music as a cant-author, but the band does not exist anymore! I pasted a translation of the lyrics for you to enjoy!

Never again, oh, it can not be true!
Never again, oh, it can not be true,
My wings came out of fear.
I never fly on them again
And I never find out,
That only paper -
Who have been hanging over me for a number of years.

My mother used to say,
That from the height everything can not be seen,
You never know,
That only paper -
Who have been laughing with you for quite some years.

It's from the heights!
Hide me in my palm,
Your soft palm,
Your warm palm!
Take me to your side,
Hide me in my palm.
You can get me a card tonight,
I just want,
To see me with you.