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CoD4 glitch?


All is glitch on JFF, can't jump 0.2m or its a glitch :/ sad
2nd chances* ? Lmao, no one can know its a glitch there.
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Game Admin

do not make me go there beeb. They (glitch thread creators) say that those spots are a gray area. Lify let you off with a warning and you still biitch about it. Say fing thank you Life, it wont happen again. Or i will make it black and white for you and add this to your number of temp bans, which is how many now? 3 or 4? You don't like our glitch spots? Go somewhere else. Do not make me educate you on how to be polite towards others, it will be a hard lesson for you. Now you bite your tongue and keep it silent, or, take that dark road with me

That glitch thread i linked you, it means that you now officially know about our glitch spots, ain't going to be any chances given after that. Now, i would take this as a gift and be on my merry way. I really hope you won't have to be you and i won't have to be me cause, you know, it ends badly for one of us.