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CoD4 glitch

I'm just coming from a game he recently joined. Many players warned him several times not to glitch, but he kept glitching persistently. And below you can see how he responds:

Here someone is saying that even though there are no admin/mods available, they will eventually see what he's up to. This is his response:

Here I'm saying don't worry they'll see, your messages too:


Here, someone is saying that they'll have him banned, and he says "make me" :) (and some more spite):

I'd say more than a slap on the wrist is warranted, so he respects and adheres to the rules of the server in the future.

Usually I'm not bothered by this stuff, but this time I saw someone infringing the rules persistently and spiting multiple people like he owns the place (even then it's not warranted).
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Warteam Member
I was in the server 3 yesterday night and there was an annoying guy. He kept copying other players names and spamming. After several warnings i banned him and now i realised that he is the same guy as mentioned above.

So he is in charge of insulting, glitching, namechanging and spamming, he is banned for 7 days.