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CoD4 glitch rooftop on overgrown


Give respect,get respect
Fell free to call admin to warm/kick him,with addon or in game.Its look like new player on us servers,not need to hard punish him
Maybe dont know all rules

Thanks for report


Warteam Member
I know this is off-topic, but please type in your console

/Bind F12 "screenshotjpeg"

Now you only have to press F12 to make a Screenshot. This way the name of the person won't get covered by the console the next time.

(btw you can use whatever key you want, doesn't have to be F12.)
This also works for recording

Bind F10 "record"
Bind F11 "stoprecord"

If you use this, don't forget to rename your demos in your cod4 folder, directly after recording, or you will eventually get confused...

Sorry for posting here, just thought I could help out a bit.


I joined just before this, warmed n kicked someone there. You don't need to request a ban for every little indiscretion. Especially if a nember is there already, it just makes a wasted thread.


Holla At Me yeah!
Yeah, thanks for the help Vlado. And thank you redzYe for the help with the buttons, now I know how to do it without gettin console in the way, and CMD, I won't be that hard xD sorry, just tried to make it fair.