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Sonicia said:
Wooow guys this looks very good ! i will do everything to keep this.. ofcourse with fuga and kazuki !
only got 1 question, about those promotion etc (demo's of wallhack) who is gonna check it if its really wallhack or not? is that Fuga, Kazuki, me???

Anyway good job, im happy after seeing this (L)
You will be informed right in time for sure.

Civious said:
One question.
You said that members who are in JFF or 8 months or so will get promotions.
This includes admin's decision as well or just Promotion applys?^^
Admins decision of course.
I think it's Needled all told about the rules, made ​​a good deal of active and inactive members, however, rules are rules and they should be respected. The community is the one responsible job, but to survive, we need all members to follow the principles and take care of each other. So will our JFF board survive. Once again Needled and Thunder, you have me a great respect!
But i've a question, I play a lot on server #3 and I definetly need an answer, everyone tell me differents things about it : What about spawnkilling/spawncamping ???


Troll master trolled by Admins
Gotta say this is the best and most compleat thread i ever read here on jff ... im happy with changes and hope for the best ... great job guys !!
Not open for further replies.