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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Needled, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Warnaar80[NL]

    Warnaar80[NL] Dodo Senior Admin

    I think this is a good change! About promo's, i think 8 weeks is to short, imho make it +/- 5 months, 3 months as a "probation time" and then you can look for the "good guys".
  2. Needled

    Needled Registered

    Well as we said "at least". If you think that you can get promotion after eight weeks of joining community, feel free to create apply.
  3. DaZZel

    DaZZel Registered

    I like these promotion changes, but lil' question: Can i still get promoted without writing an apply?
    Because i bet there will be ppl, who think about there selfs, that they are not ready for this, or they are too shy for writing an apply, because the fear getting denied.
  4. Needled

    Needled Registered

    Well of course you can get a promotion, that is the "natural" way actually.
  5. ShaGaGy

    ShaGaGy Registered

    okay ... so my apply is rejected and i have only one more apply , right ? gonna keep it for the future and when i feel that i can get recruit i'll make new one !
  6. SeaSerpent13

    SeaSerpent13 Senior Admin Senior Admin

    That is For a New thing We are trying out, Promotion Applys, Only Counts Towards Members.
    Feel Free to Make Your "Want To Join Applys"
  7. Daimoxk

    Daimoxk Registered

    Nice and fair enough to me and very good move from admin team keep it up guys , nice work d:)b
  8. Warnaar80[NL]

    Warnaar80[NL] Dodo Senior Admin

    Okay, thats good news, because i think that the rules for applying for promo's can cause a couple off things;
    A. More false bans, because members overdo there job because they need 40 bans to be promoted .
    B. In sted op playing, members spectate the whole time. For same reason. It should be the other way around.
    C. Its "safer" to do a banrequest on the CP, because then you are sure that you will be listed as the reporter, not all level 3+ members name the reporter.

    But maybe we'll have to wait and see how it goes, im happy that some changes are made, better!
  9. Anubis

    Anubis The Great Kickrighted

    xD when I asked this I was blamed for complaining. But thanks for info :)
  10. rvL Joe

    rvL Joe Game Admin Game Admin Donator

    Looking good. Some nice, progressive, logical changes. Nice to see a repetition of "activity" rules, and a good step regarding promotions. I think it's useful. because in the same way you apply to join JFF (you are ready to make the step from player to member), you are signalling that you think you are ready to make the step from member to kr, kr to br etc. I would hope that Members know when they are ready to go up, and don't just apply for the sake of having a better role. I have a lot of trust in people, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. CaptainDuck

    CaptainDuck Registered

    i really like these changes :p hope this will sort everything out :D

    only thing im afraid of is the promotion applies. I think if someone gets rejected he would get quite mad ... (with admin meetings, if people dont get promoted, theyre all like meowmeowmeow) so i'm not sure about that, i guess we'll see how that goes :D
    also one more question :) i don't catch alot of hackers, but i always try to help people and stuff. does that mean that if i were to create a promotion apply, that you NEED to have atleast 40-80 bans?

    tbh i don't want to make one but just wondering for other people, because sometimes being a good KR/BR isn't always banning hackers :p

    and props to thunder and needled <3 you sorted this out really well :D good job guys

    why am i always on the new page -.- ffs
  12. Ghost_47

    Ghost_47 Ghoul

    just read it as he said make a promotion apply only if you are certain that you deserve it, so if you are not sure or what so ever than dont it, do it maybe later, when you get that feeling that you might be accepted for promotion.

    but I think the "natural" way is the best way, dont expect for a promotion and maybe you will get it :)

    Good to know new things :)
  13. CaptainDuck

    CaptainDuck Registered

    yeah thats what im afraid of, that people will get "hurt" because THEY think they deserve it, but other people don't,but we'll see i guess :p
  14. xSoul

    xSoul Registered

    Some people already get hurt if they don't get promoted. I feel that nothing has really changed with promotions, now just the guys who might get missed or don't have anyone to recommend them can "work" their way up. Doubt anyone will start making false reports and adding random demos just to get promoted, that would mean our recruiting system is really knackered.
  15. Needled

    Needled Registered

    As I said; all of your reports and demos will be checked when you create promotion apply. Also there is "~ 40 wallhack reports", so that means 37 is also fine, etc. Two invalid reports means promotion application denied.

    You can create want to join application when ever you want. Promotion application is for JFF members only.
  16. Fotis

    Fotis Registered

    Good luck JFF, Hope you get better :)
  17. Sonicia

    Sonicia Registered

    Wooow guys this looks very good ! i will do everything to keep this.. ofcourse with fuga and kazuki !
    only got 1 question, about those promotion etc (demo's of wallhack) who is gonna check it if its really wallhack or not? is that Fuga, Kazuki, me???

    Anyway good job, im happy after seeing this (L)
  18. Civious

    Civious Registered

    One question.
    You said that members who are in JFF or 8 months or so will get promotions.
    This includes admin's decision as well or just Promotion applys?^^
  19. DaBeast

    DaBeast Registered

    Ill be honest: I think all the rules are great except for the promote apply rule. I agree with maxxx: the system was fine and now we change it because of a few childs complaining about that they didnt get promoted...

    I doubt if it is rlly that usefull and if we wont get coolkiller ban actions, and checking all these demos takes a lot of time wich can be used in a other way.

    Though it might be a great opportunity to see, who actualy the promotion joiners are xD
  20. Mataz

    Mataz Registered

    I love the new promotion system, now there will be no whiners who cry after every single admin meeting about the promotion ^^ Very nice.
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