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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Needled, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Needled

    Needled Registered


    Hello everyone! Me and Thunder had a little secret meeting today. We've talked about few things related to Just For Fun. Here are the results of the meeting:

    - We've worked out a little bit want to join application thread, actually topic called "READ THIS FIRST!". The rules are valid for all sections. You can check out what's new HERE.

    - We've also worked out a little bit general rules for new and old members. Members are also guys with kick rights, ban rights even admins and leaders. So what's new:

    If you are already an Just For Fun member that means you are pretty mature and responsible. So you will need to continue behaving yourself like that. You are community member so you need to know few more rules and your rights. You will need to keep follow these rules:

    1) English Only on the servers and forums!
    Explanation: If you aren't native English language speaker or
    you don't speak English language very good for other reasons, you still have to use English as main language on the our servers. After some time your English will be better and better, so that's just another plus for you.

    2) No Offensive language or names!
    Explanation: (This rule is very important. If you insult anyone on racial, ethnic, religious or any other basis you don't have free place in our community. So you will have to make sure that your language or your name is not offensive in anyway.

    3) Try to be active on the forums.
    Explanation: All servers related updates and everything else you can find on the forums. So you will need to visit our forums from time to time. Also make sure that your posts are useful. You aren't properly active on the forums if you spam the forums and your posts are useless. You are properly active if your posts are useful and they make some sense.
    Number of posts is not important. Your activity and behavior on the forums will be treated same as servers activity and behavior. That means, same like for servers your rank and promote will be directly connected with forums activity and behavior. Also don't provoke anyone!

    4) Complains are not appreciated!
    Explanation: Complains are not appreciated in anyway, even more if you are trying to get promotion in that way. If you think that something should be changed on the servers or forums feel free to contact an admin or community leader anytime. Also try to estimate which question is eligible for an admin and which question is eligible for an community leader. You are the part of Just For Fun so your opinion is
    surely valid. Of course you will be informed about your suggestion as soon as possible.

    5) Fights with other members are not allowed!
    Explanation: Fights with other members are not allowed in anyway. We don't want to listen different stories about who is right and who is wrong. Both members will be punished accordingly to situation.

    Totally new thing:

    6) Promotions:
    Explanation: You have to be at least eight weeks Just For Fun member so you can think about promotions. Of course time of your promotion could not be specified. But if you are at least eight weeks member of Just For Fun and you are active on the servers of your section and forums also you keep following the rules then you are right person to promote. From now on you can create an promote apply but for only one level up. You will need to complete THIS application.

    7) Demotions:
    Explanation: If you are inactive on the forums and servers for three weeks without any response you will be classified as inactive. Next admin meeting means level down. Complains about that also level down or kick out. So you have to inform us that you will be inactive. You will be also demoted if you are not anymore capable for specific level. That means you are not helpful, no response from you on members reports, breaking server and forum rules. No response from an admin to admin meetings (2-3 times at most) means demotion to level 3.

    8) Admin Meetings:
    Explanation: You are member of Just For Fun, you are the part of big community so your opinion is of course valid. If you think that something should be discussed on the next admin meeting feel free to contact an admin or community leader. Admins will be informed right in time about admin meetings. We will try again with PM admin meetings. Every admin will have exactly one whole week to give some response over PM, otherwise after two - three times with no response on admin meetings that admin will be demoted.

    - We've also talked about some clan organization for levels 4 and level 5 too. We need to have directions for these levels too. We currently have three Section Leaders. Two of them are from Call of Duty 4 section because we have four servers there.

    Call Of Duty 4 section:
    To EsaPetteri and mackk: Guys try to talk more with each other about
    servers management and members from Call Of Duty section. Also try to be available as much as you can to members questions from Call Of Duty 4 Section. Also we think that our admins xSoul and Mak will be glad to help there. You have to look after the members. Try to observe members
    reputation and behavior, so we can easier decide who deserves level up or down of course. You can also take care about rotations from time to time.

    Call Of Duty 2 section:
    To Sonicia: You are the only one section leader in the Call of Duty 2
    section, so you will need to take care about servers and about
    members, but of course we are sure that Fuga and Kazuki will help you to do that properly. So Fuga and Kazuki will be in cooperation with
    Sonicia. Try to manage rotation together and talk to each more
    often. You also need to look after the members, also try to observe their reputation and behavior.

    Call Of Duty 5 section:
    This section doesn't have enough admins, the only one there is Kenpachi but he is a little bit away these days. So we can surely say that one of the points for the next admin meeting will be new Just For Fun admin. We need someone to manage that section. Later that person will be helped by another new admin.

    Guys with ban rights, kick rights and members have to keep servers clean.

    Community Leaders will be responsible for all of this.

    Forum Moderation:
    To all admins: Please try to moderate the forums a little bit, try to keep forums clean, to lock and to move old topics, to rename members on requests, also to delete advertising topics etc. Of course we will help you.

    To avoid spamming News & Announcements we've decided to create one forum reserved only for Birthday Greetings. Check it out HERE.

    Rich text as well. Any questions?

    Regards, Just For Fun Community Leaders
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  2. Mataz

    Mataz Registered

    Nice changes Needled. Especially about the b-days thing.

    Only 1 thing - I think putting the "READ THIS FIRST" in mean category as a sticky would be better, because I think people who wants to join e.g CoD 2 won't check the pinned threads at CoD 4 section.

    Anyway good work, keep it up!

    // EDIT

    Oh sorry, now I noticed that you copied these topics to all the sections :)
  3. Anubis

    Anubis The Great Kickrighted

    Good changes,really a progress foward.
  4. SunNy

    SunNy Registered

    wowoowow! good job ;o . and ofc nice changes.
  5. Ardens

    Ardens G-Rated Justice Senior Admin

    Glad that we are exploring new paths and advancing.
  6. Mak

    Mak Registered

    A Step in a good direction. Hope this resolves what has been going on for a month or so which was not favorable to the community in any way.
    Thank you Thunder and Needled. \o/ d:)b
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  7. Ghost_47

    Ghost_47 Ghoul

    Move in guyz we are rolling out in forward motion ^^

    nice to see a whole Bible of news :D
  8. Civious

    Civious Registered

    Well, that's amazing!!
    It's really.. i don't know.. did you guys think of that aaaall by yourself? XD
    Great job!
  9. SeaSerpent13

    SeaSerpent13 Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Very Good changes.

    There is 1 points I like to make first.

    1. I think there should be a rule saying, You are NOT allowed to Create a New topic/apply If you are not accepted right away. (Like a waiting Period. [Ex: 1 Month, or 2 Months, to create less spam])

    Other than that I love the changes.
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  10. Thunder

    Thunder Community Leader Community Leader Donator

    Max 2 apply's in your lifetime of jff (if not promoted ofc)
    Otherwise u just gotta be lucky that an admin will pick you.

    And most props to needled
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  11. Maxx

    Maxx Registered

    Everything seems legit. But let me be honest here and just express myself.

    I just don't understand how you will work out the promotions now. The way it used to be was more than fine imo, and now with these applications it seems very weird. Besides, technicly with all those requirements, quite a few guys should even get demoted, I mean if that was an equality thing. I just think there might be more drama than ever with this and that's all, expressing my concern for our lovely community *;.

    Well I hope it works out for you the best way possible :) Cheers on the new info/clear ups/improvements \o/
  12. LightKnight

    LightKnight Registered

    i like those rules ... thx needled and thunder finally some good strict rules about promotions and that stuff will help us ALOT in the future ... and yeah cod5 needs some love ill be playing as much as i can too bad i have some ****** up things to deal with ....
    well i think now promotions will be better cuz it will not be randomly by admin liking of someone or smth but it will be checked and voted by all admins

    and tbh it's good to lower the rank of someone if he is away without reporting ...
  13. Kazuki

    Kazuki Registered

    Credits for tha man!
    Good job. And I hope everything will work out!
    I think we'll evaluate it in next admin meeting I suppose.
    Really Curious
  14. Anubis

    Anubis The Great Kickrighted

    I hope you will still consider people that aren't applying for promotion,I mean,it depends but catching 80 whs in 2 months isn't always easy...
  15. Thunder

    Thunder Community Leader Community Leader Donator

    Please dont see this as a competition ... and simply use commen sense.

    (Something i'm afraid of)
  16. Needled

    Needled Registered

    Well let's see how it goes in this way. I pretty sick about complains after admin meetings. Now everyone has his chance. Of course you should not ignore your real life obligations and responsibilities. School, your job, friends and family are the most important before any level.

    We are trying to sort things up in our community. We just want to see how it goes in this way. Few things here are pretty changeable, so complains aren't really needed now.
  17. Sarken

    Sarken Registered

    Everythings fine and good but on 6) I disagree.

    Anyway GJ!
  18. xSoul

    xSoul Registered

    Love the new READ THIS topics. Always needed a more detailed approach ^^
  19. xRay

    xRay Registered

    Nice changes :)
  20. MILFhunter

    MILFhunter Banrighted Banrighted Donator

    Alwayes good to have clear rules/guidelines and the new promotion system is great
    d:)b nice work d:)b
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