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General Guide To Cheater Reporting

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The members can give you the ip of the cheater,which means it will be easier and faster to ban the cheater.

click HERE for the list.

There is the Xfire's symbol. Click it. ( xfire must be online before you click it )

after you click it, first it will open a window's request. click Yes \ I confirm or what ever it says, and then it will Directly open this :

Click "add frined". now all you need to do it to wait till he will approve the request.

another way to do it :
put your mouse on the xfire's symbol, but dont click it. now you have at the right/left corener down the user name, it will look like this :
the xfire name comes after "user=". in this case - Love2PeeP.
write down the name, and go to xfire and add the member.

You can add any member from any section, add many members as you can.
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How to attach demo to the ban:

after the members watched the demos, if we Decided to ban the hacker, you need to attch the proof,to the ban.
where do you attach the proof? right here.
the link name calls " wall of shame" you can find there all the bans that ever made. for each game you have different wall of shame, if the ban is on wall of shame 4, you won't see it on cod2\5. but if he plays cod2 and cod5\4 and etc he will be banned in both.

how do i attach the proof? look for the ban in wall of shame. 99% of the time it will be at the first bans and it won't be hard to find it. but if you can't find it, you can search for the ban by name \ ip reson. usually ip or name would be enough.


now,after you found the ban, you will have all the info about the ban. at the left \ right side of the screen you will have a kind of sexy,cute and Attractive TV (
) , click on the TV , this will pop out :

and then choose the correct demo and click sumbit. now you need to wait, cuz it take some time to upload it.

But hyde !!! wait !!! how do i know if it really worked?? Easy,

as you can see, a line add " proof #1 Added by X on date.
if you want to be 100% sure that you attached the demo just refresh wall of shame and the red line ( next to the ip ) will become Green:

the numbers does not matter ! and they won't change after you will attach the demo.

dont froget, it might take time till we ban the hacker, so sometimes you won't be able to find the ban even if we said that we will ban him. in this case --> contact a member and remind him.


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How to make a demo

to make a ban we need a proof. the proof is usually a demo ( koncept could be ban able by a picture also.)
to start a demo you need to open the console. how? : for me is one Button under "Esc" maybe at yours also.
after you open the console you write /record X ( x means the name of the record, i Recommend to name the demo as the hacker name. if the hacker name is PizzaBoy so \record pizza or etc.)
after you toke some reall good proof, long and Easily to spot the hacker, you want to stop recording. how? "/stoprecord " or /stoprecord X
thats all ! now you upload the demo to jff website : guide here

ADD: Another way to make a demo is to bind a key. Open console and type this command /bind key record and to stop recording type this command /bind key stoprecord . example > /bind 2 record and /bind 3 stoprecord . By pressing key 2 u will start to record a demo and by pressing key 3 you will stop recording it. the use of binds will make a demo named demo0000 and every next demo will be named demo0001, 0002 and so on, just make sure to rename them so u know which one is which. you can bind any key u want , just make sure its not in the use by the game commands.

How to open a demo CALL OF DUTY 4

if you want to watch the demo, cuz you want to help \ not sure if he hacks follow this:
to open the demo you MUST have this cod4player.
after you open the download, this will pop out:

click on " open demo" and choose the demo you want to watch.you can find the demo at cod4 folder --> main ---> demo
after you open the demo, it will start to run and you will be able to watch it. this might help :

* in case you want to speed up the demo ( if he is dead or etc) click 6 , want to slow down - click 4 , back to normal speed - click 5.

on "setup" you can change the speed of everything, but i dont Recommend to touch it.

How to get IP when there is no member online

this is the CP admin ( click here )
here you can see who's online at the server right now. as you can see you can change the server

when there is no member online, and you have no other way to ask\ get the IP of the cheater you go to there and you will see the first numbers of his IP. like XXX.XX.***.*** ( X = you will be able to see, * = you wont be able )
-members can see the * also , and thats the diffrent.
better to have half from his ip than not have it at all.

another awesome way

in our System ( only members + ), when a player use "!report PizzaYummy aimbot" or what ever his name/reson. ( it was just an exemple). When you use it, the ip of the hacker will be saved on our system. So when you make a topic about the hacker, mention that you used !report , so we could post the ip of the hacker to your post.
*about the system, only if the member is online to the system whille you reporting the ip will be saved. (Exemple: you report, smokva is online, hyde is not. Hyde wont able to see the report, even if he goes online after. But smokva will be able.) Thats the only problem with the system.

ofc the best way is to ask a member in xfjre. But in case there is no member online, this is your best friend
In some cases cod4 player doesn't work (didn't work for me the first time). So if you don't download it you can still see the demo without it.
Make a folder named "demos" in your player folder and paste the demo in there.
Then go to your cod4 menu screen, open console (~) and type /demo [name of demo]. With this way you can see demos without cod4 player. Ofc its easier if you download it, but in case you have problems with it, thats just another way.
Steps to do: :p

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