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Gameplays/Videos (no CoD)


Meme Elite - BETA Squad Commander
Warteam Member
There was another racing server called ESC. It was before 2008 i guess. My friends used to play there a lot. But our main server was LVP. We played 3-4 years in LVP. Soo much gang wars and prop hunting. It was so alive haha. We did every stupid action and drove everywhere possible in the map. My fav was driving Sandking over hills and listening radio K-DST. Damn memories...
Our servers were mostly focused on drift only, people that came here were making videos, looking for twin partners (people to follow while drifting) e.t.c and also modders that made custom cars mods . It was like a huge hub for youtubers/modders basically, at one point we had password on server and people could only get in with invites. lol I know there were a lot of race servers even way back, I used to play on cops and robbers servers too was fun as hell.


Meme Elite - BETA Squad Commander
Warteam Member
This mod is so amazing
Might give this a try, looks similar to what I try to mod my fallout games to. Survival e.t.c. are there any other mods you can get on top of this ? New guns armors outfits etc ?




Game Admin
I was expecting her to turn into a bear like usual and maul your face off. Hated those hallucinations you never know wtf animal it's going to turn into!
i hate that i could not take a pipe and smash her around like i did to other Seeds. Still, .50 to the face has some perks of its own. And those cod2 "nades" tossing eased the anger she made me feel. Them seeds were all so stuck up, but she took the cake.