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Funniest Video Ever ^^


@Smokva is jealous cuz he chakalalalaed in sm1's mouth xD
@Sammy :D although I'm not gay but if I see a **** that I want it in me I will ride it and make it go chakalalala in me ....but dicks are just toooo ugly xD
your **** might be awesome and fabulous but I don't know about it xD
chakalala should be white ;) in should be black your should be a nice color light blue is good and mouth should be either red or pink xD


Game Admin
Game Admin
Some well ridiculous ads that oldschool youtubers should know:

"If you've ever had to stop peeing because you thought your face was on fire...then you need Retaphin"

And the funniest ever:
this is german, but has english and greek subtitles xD

this is the related "music video" .. german media fanned fear, that the greek government is sooo evil... this was the answer of a satire tv show (this one is english :p )
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