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Forum Name Attached to Server Nickname

Discussion in 'Suggestion Forum' started by Shrieker, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Shrieker

    Shrieker Registered

    Have players register in the forum first, and they have to use the same nickname in the servers as well. If for some reason, they want to change their nicknames, they can request a change from forum mods; first, their forum name will be changed and they can use the new nickname on the servers as well. Have the nicknames attached to their individual ip too.

    Some people abuse being able to change nicknames. This will prevent that.
  2. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

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  3. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Kickrighted

    After read it 3 times, I still don't get what he is trying to suggest.
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  4. Zaid

    Zaid Kickrighted Kickrighted

    well @Shrieker you want to say that First players have to register on JFF site after that they have to choose a Nickname the same nickname they have to use in game too if they want to change their name ingame first player have to change it from JFF Forums ? well player can use any nickname , anytime not name like P*ssyhunter or P*ssyDestroyer :p you know what i mean..People will play game in our server not Here so i think this is not a big problem but i am sure you have to ask Admin to change name here xD
  5. Shrieker

    Shrieker Registered

    I'm not surprised.

    You're a mod aren't you ? You're trying to figure out whether someone is hacking or not, he plays a few minutes, quits. Comes back with another nickname. This will make it very annoying if not outright impossible to see whether they're clean or not.

    Maybe you guys can see the ip addresses in the server as well . But that can be changed too without much hassle. Have forum registration, lock the forum nickname with in game server nickname, and it doesn't even matter if someone keeps changing their ip. Problem solved.
  6. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    first of all, we can see if people change their names. people cant just hide.
    2nd, if you think people cheat you can make a demo and post it here: http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/forums/ban-request.15/
    if players you reported dont get banned they are clean most likely
    3rd, if we acually force people to register to be able to play the servers will be dead within 1 month.
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  7. Blade

    Blade Hopeless case Banrighted Donator


    With such joining procedure cheaters would give up right on start but so would the other players.
  8. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Alright, the intention was good, but don't worry about that @Shrieker. It's no problem for us at all if people change names. Cheaters can try whatever they want, but in the end they still get banned :)
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  9. Shrieker

    Shrieker Registered

    Fair enough.

    Fingers crossed.

    But what happens if they both change name and ip ?
  10. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    They still get banned ^^
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  11. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    dude, i would quit first if i had to do this procedure, i love name changing binds
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  12. redzYe

    redzYe I'm like Bond! Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

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