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Fatality still want to join ;)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Fatality, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Fatality

    Fatality Registered

    Hello all!

    Real name : Juhana
    Ingame name : Fatality
    Age : 15
    Country : Finland
    Xfire : Juhei
    Why you want to join ? : Yoo all! i'm very active and talkactive! Second reason why i want join to JFF is i totally love JFF servers :) I hate hackers and i try catch them. So i want join jff!!!! Thanks :) -Fatality
    Which games you play : CoD 2
  2. Albino

    Albino Registered

    You have successfully created want to join apply, now be patient, we have our voting system. DonĀ“t worry you will be informed about your apply after next admin meeting, have you passed recruit or not. Please be patient and stay active ingame and on the forum. Thanks for your understanding.
  3. Fatality

    Fatality Registered

    Ty albi ;)
  4. Madara

    Madara Registered


    this is when no members are on the server.....
  5. Albino

    Albino Registered

    I always monitor our servers via the adminCP, so I see everything....

    As Madara said, you speak very offensive and often insult when there are no members....
  6. 1CoolKiller

    1CoolKiller Registered

    You want to join, but, you wont (not with that behavior...)
    I know this is not my section but that is just sad... :|
  7. Civious

    Civious Registered

    You're not going anywhere with this behavior dude.
    Mabye next next next next next next time.
  8. Radipo

    Radipo Registered

    Yup growth up...
  9. oraca

    oraca Registered

    Aaaaaand they call me offensive and temp ban me. He has some spunk if he wants to join with that behaviour. I know I don't because of my random rage outbreaks.
  10. Vision

    Vision Registered

    Members are allowed to post here IF there is a reason!
    No need to disguass about registered dudes.
    edit: shouldn't post here. my bad and i'm sorry.
  11. Albino

    Albino Registered

    As you say: members are allowed to, so why you post here? Are you suddenly a member....?
  12. Vision

    Vision Registered

    my bad.
    i wanted to tell him that it's not right to post.
    but i chosed the wrong way.
    a pm would be better.

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