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CoD4 ehhh


Hi all, to those who knows me and to those who don't.

I play on your #3 server for over 60 hours now. ( https://www.gametracker.com/player/YDI|acme/ )
I don't play reguraly but I play at least 4 days a week. I know a lot of players. My ingame nick is YDI|acme and my IP is changable (by ORANGE POLSKA).

Just few minutes ago a very unusual situation happend. There was a player Wolf, who was mugging players all the time, accusing them of cheating, WH etc. Later his behaviour came to be more radical, he started to insult players. I told him several times to stop. He insulted me with "polish retard" (I'm Polish ofc).
Strange thing is that eventually I got accused by REM equally as Wolf for missbehave. REM kicked me. I cant agree with that. I joined back and since I was shocked I asked REM why he did that since I only was replying to Wolf insults and never insulted anyone. REM replied with "you did the same as Wolf". That made me really mad. I was insluted by this Wolf character and I didn't loose my cool. Suddenly an admin says I'm equal with this kind of behaviour? I got pissed and I wrote to him "YOY ARE IDIOT (if you thinks this way)". So I got banned permanently.

Now, I can understand punishment by temp ban. I got carried away, and perhaps I should keep my nerves a little bit stronger. I shouldn't have insulted REM. Sorry for that.

Hopefully you do understand the specific circumstances and will unban me, as I believe I didn't deserved that kind of strong punishement. I like to play on this server and would like to continue it.

best regards, acme