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echo Member Application


Game Admin
Game Admin
  • Real name : Ewan
  • In-game name : Echo546
  • Age : 18
  • Country : Scotland
  • Why do you want to join ? : I would like to be given the opportunity to become a member of JFF as I have been playing Waw for a while now on and off different servers and I have enjoyed playing here daily the most. I enjoy making new friends and joining JFF would be a great way to do this. After playing on JFF servers for a while I have decided that I want to support my favourite server by helping the admins and members make the server the best it can be, I think becoming member would allow me to do more. I want to help out and provide my free time to support the community in anyway possible. Another reason I have for wanting to join is due to me having a lot of spare time and I want to use my spare time effectively by helping the community out.
  • Which games do you play ? : I mainly play Waw but other games I sometimes go on are Arma 3, Battlefield 4, For Honour.
  • Which servers do you play on ? : JFF Waw Cracked 1
  • When do you play (time + timezone) ? : When not at work or college I try to play when I can. My timezone is GMT. Weekdays I can do 4 - 6 hours and Weekends I can do 6-12 depending on certain circumstances as I tend to go out. ;)
  • What can you do to make JFF better ? : I can represent the community in a positive way by being friendly and helpful to new players. I can make JFF better by spectating players and requesting bans with demos as evidence to admins if they are breaking the server rules. I will be on daily and this will help improve the reputation of the community by being active and helpful to the players.
  • Download, install and use our Addon (it's required!)? : Done already.


Game Admin
You successfully created your "Want to join" application. Don't worry, you will be informed about the results after the next admin meeting, whether you passed recruitment or not. Please be patient and stay active in-game and on the forums. Browse our forum for more information about our community, rules and our ranking system.

Thanks for your understanding and Good Luck! :)

You may need to wait till next admin meeting since the upcoming meeting is so close.