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Easy Way To Connect To UO Server


Game Admin
Like the name say > Easy Way To Connect To UO Server. Download the rar file, extract it in your UO folder (it wont work unless its in the game folder), right click on it > select edit and make sure that your UO multiplayer icon has the same name as it is written in the startmultiplayer file (close the file and save changes). Right now the ip in the file is from our JFF UO server, you can edit that and use the one u prefer. You can also make a copy of this file and put any ip u like for all the servers you play on. This file is the one u click on to connect directly to the server > just double click it or select it and press enter. This is how the command looks now. Green are the values you can change , depending on the ip of the server or the name of your UO multiplayer icon. Do not lose the .exe part. You can right click on the file and send it to your desktop as shortcut. This file can be applied to any COD game u might have.

start CoDUOMP.exe +connect

uo.jpg uo2.jpg



Game Admin
Game Admin
Other way to start cod UO and connect to the server;

Make shortcut from CoDUOMP.exe -> Open shortcut properties -> At the end of target row, add "+connect" (without "" of course). -> Click OK to save changes and that's it :)