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So boys and girls, I decided to make this threat, cause in my opinion, your mind is the best "weapon" you can possess! As you guys might know or not, I am a documentary freak, i just love to look at good documentaries, to expand my horizon! So, you seen a documentary that you liked, that made an impression on you, that made you think about things, post it! I will try to post as many of the best I can! It does not matter about what it is, as long as its good in your opinion! Sex, drugs, war, life, money, conspiracy, sports, history, future, I mean anything! And if you don't have a link to it, post a name, and maybe someone will find a link for it! So lets go boys and girls! :p

Tittle: Why America lost the Vietnam war



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I am a cold war/nuclear war/nuclear physics nerd, so any questions hopefully I can answer them! I have a film/documentary directory that is 80 Gb just about the cold war!

Another good one:
I would kill you right now, to get my hands on those 80Gb of documentaries!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D If you have any more good documentaries, be sure to share them with me! I am also a bit of a "nuke" nerd and I love everything connected with cold war and nuclear topics! Thank you in advance :p


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Cold War documentary, same makers as World at War (which also is excellent).
The C&C and these episodes also have books which I have just recently finished!
1st Episode:


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@[jc]VanDamme your gonna love this! Its about an incident in Japan that 99 percent of people don't know about! A horrible way to die from radiation! English subs also available



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Just found out this topic. Really nice idea @True.north !
I am a movie freak myself, any country, any time period. Any genre. So, documentaries as well !

I'll put two very different Doc here :

1 > CITIZEN FOUR , directed by Laura Poitras in 2014. (got Oscar for it)
It's the story of Edward Snowden basically. And a great piece of cinema.
Link to stream it (with french subtitles) (this is part1 and then just click on website for part2) >>

2 > HOT GIRLS WANTED, directed by Jill Bauer and Rona Gradus in 2015.
As I'm sure that many of you watched porn in their life and, considering most of you guys's age, I'd bet you've been mostly watching porn on the internet, mostly for free and on websites such as the infamous "Pornhub". Who are the people behind thoses gonzo-type movies, the actresses and how they got there, how the industry is treating them, how much money they can make and why they took such decisions, well that is what this movie is about.
And it makes you think a lot...
Link to stream it (english, no subs) >> https://oload.cloud/embed/idE4R5h02LE/
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