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DIY - Do It Yourself Thread


Warteam Member
Inspired by this thread, I decided to also make something, so here it is:


Now before you all accuse me of putting fake pictures on the site, I'll explain how I did it step by step:

1: Alright, so firstly I found two markers, and for this creation I decided to do pink and black, just to show the variety of different colors, and put them together like shown in the pictures.
2: Then I got a cellotape (shown in the picture below) and started stringing the two markers together.


*Note: This version of cellotape worked perfectly on this creation, but I imagine that different versions and duct tapes can also be applied.

3: When the bond between the markers got firm enough, I decided to cut the cellotape using:

20160305_231357.jpg *Note: This version of scissors is not that impressive, and the use of other ones with sharper and bigger blades might result in an even more perfect product.

I cut the cellotape in a straight line, and I don't recommend using diagonal or any other types of cuts.

*Final note: While the combination of the markers makes it almost impossible to put in any traditional pen cases, the cons of this product are outmatched by the pros(which I won't mention this time)

A true example of modern engineering.


Game Admin
About time i post this. Little burner made from a deodorant bottle and a stove from old psu. first design was loosing 2 much flames on the side, and alcohol didnt last so long as it does in the second design. And the first design can now be used as a wind stopper. They both fit in an old perfume box (str8)

01.JPG 02.JPG 03.JPG 04.JPG 05.JPG 06.JPG 07.JPG

and for butt scratching and also back scratching i use this cheap yet genius Chinese tool ( less then 1€ ) , its a life saver



Game Admin
ever had an itch u could not reach? This thing is one piece of bamboo stick slightly curved ( with a wheel for a massage ) that not only reaches all those spots, it also has the calming effect when i roll that wheel. Ill never forget the day i saw it in the store. it was the day that changed my life for the better.


Game Admin
After i got a certain object, i needed to train my aim and trigger control, so instead of doing a lot of dry fire, i decided to buy at first a factory made snap cap. snap cap is a "fake" bullet designed to absorb the force of the firing pin preventing the damage to it. Lets say , even the expensive ones dont always work proper, mine was causing slide to jam. Sooo, i decided to make my own. I used the old shells and bullets , some silicone sticks and soldering iron to melt the silicone, put it all together and you are good to go. For a fake primer i used rubber i cut by using the actual primers taken off the casing. Firing pin hits the rubber glued with silicone, absorbs the force and you allegedly keep your certain object safe from damage. There you have it, really cheap DIY snap caps.

IMG_9989.JPG IMG_9992.JPG IMG_9993.JPG IMG_9996.JPG IMG_9997.JPG IMG_9998.JPG IMG_9999.JPG

o ye, i learned that some casings might not fit the barrel anymore, so i had to toss them, sucks, cause it takes some time to make these, would be easier with a silicone gun.


#4iS, 4.5 inches on good days.
Warteam Member
A little project i been working on since the beginning of this year.
20170307_114145.jpg 20170523_105635.jpg

weights about 4000-5000 kg

Still need to connect it to a pc, get engines for each axis and some minor stuff.
Today i did the first test on its abillities at 3000 rpm

If anyone wants to share some experience on this kind of projects, hit me up via pm or discord :)


#4iS, 4.5 inches on good days.
Warteam Member
i am stupid, the video was on private while i wanted it to be unlisted, anyways, its accessable now :)


#4iS, 4.5 inches on good days.
Warteam Member
Usually, this machines have a nozzle that sprays emulsion to cool down cutter but you run it dry. Milling without cooling can ruin your cutting tool.
It may seem it ran hot but it did not really. It was just a test run and the cooling is in progress.


I made a retro gaming "console"!
After using it for Kodi I wanted to use my raspberry pie for something fun so I made this arcade retro gaming "console"
I forgot to take pictures when I was making it so you can't see the entire build process :(

Here in the last picture you can see my son testing FIFA 97 and it seems to work fine :D
Right now it is booting from sd 16 Gb so my next project is to make it boot from USB hard drive so I can get more games on it and secure the pie + hard drive somewhere but that will be a winter project :D