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CoD:WaW Cursing other players in engish then speaking in Russian


I like turtles
I'm guessing that I can do it to then since no1 seems to care that anyone else is doing it? Just making sure so I don't get kicked myself.


Warteam Member
We're sorry since it seems like we have missed your report.
Insults and non-English result in a kick for a first. Only after several warnings it will result in a ban.

Please keep in mind that we all have a real life and are doing this in our free time.

For your interest, no it is not allowed.


I like turtles
Alright because the guy I reported on Saturday was saying things like **** you and talking trash about Americans then saying Russia is number 1 and a bunch of other racist stuff with curse words. BTW the post was viewed many times so it wasn't like it was missed or anything but anyhow no worries thanks.


Game Admin
no need to be so uptight dude, i checked his chat again and i really dont see anything that critical. certainly not (temp)ban worthy. he was annoying and that is it, kick would be the only action worth taking. There are ppl saying a lot worse things that that guy did and we do ban them for it. you can always mute a player if you do not like what he is saying, it's a game option