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CoD:WaW Creasing inside


Probably plays for WarTeam
Your name/nick in game?: PlsNoDadIm3
Your IP?: 146.90.223.***
Which one of our Admins banned you?: Van
Why you were banned?: Well, I assume it's because I was shooting fast and moving my mouse around on dome like a mad man hitting shots.
Why should we unban you?: Well, if you look at the demo, I for a start don't see any "Multi Hack" Okay yeah I was even questioning my shooting speed and some of the sexy shots I was hitting, but if you actually look at the demo, am I locking on? Nope. Do I have recoil? Yep. Well seems as I doubt anyone truly cares I will even admit, I clearly look like some aimbotting Russian lmfao, but I even looked at the demo myself, the movement flick of the wrist onto people was like eh, it was dome and I was being a cheesy **** by spray and moving everywhere, you can clearly see I don't have aimbot, walls or whatever "Multi hack" is in Van's mind. Not under minding you or anything but come on, if you keep playing with semi only, anyone can get that speed with a good mouse, just look at my Boy ChewyTheEwok, any-how, twitching onto someone is clearly gonna happen if your pressing quick, and come it, it's dome, everyone hits dumb pre-fires all over the place, I hope you actually look at it properly with that box thing that you can do in demos, but eh. If it stays can kinda see why cause it looks like I am hacking, anyways love you all

PS: I'm not a Trap or a Pidor :)))