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Cooking time revived!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by GammaDeltaII, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Spoma

    Spoma The Rebellious Deserter

    feel free to add your recipe and pictures instead of walking around the forum and spamming. if youre gonna spam the **** out of us, atleast make it look pretty. i wish the notification alerts had two colors, red for important ones and brown for crap.

    @GammaDeltaII delete if needed, but i didnt feel like i should unwatch all my threads because of this.
  2. Ezgi (Ctankep)

    Ezgi (Ctankep) Registered

    @Spoma sorry if i done something wrong. I wont comment again. Dont worry...
  3. LaraCroft

    LaraCroft Registered

    here @Spoma, eat some cake so you don’t feel so bad about this delicious thread being spammed :p

    Preheat the oven to 180°C. Lightly beat the eggs with the vanilla extract. In a large mixing bowl whisk the butter with the sugar until the mixture is pale, light and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs, beating well after each addition. Sift the flour over the top and, using a metal spoon, fold in lightly until the mixture is smooth. Bake for around 20-30 minutes (until golden and firm to the touch). Leave the cake to cool. Meanwhile make the mascarpone cream. You will need like one cup of raspberries (or mixed forest fruit – frozen or fresh), soaked in alcohol (u can use white rum, whiskey, brandy or whatever you have its probably good :p) and sugar. Leave it soaking for a little while. Then whip a whipping cream and add mascarpone and some vanilla sugar. Before adding fruit put some cream aside for frosting. So then you divide your cake into two parts and put filling with fruit in-between. Then frost it with cream you put aside before and you can decorate it with some coconut flour and fresh fruit.

    (different variation of the same cake)
  4. shujinko

    shujinko Registered

    As real life works... "as long as I haven't seen means its not true" unless proven other :D:p
    Spoma u r the sexiest ever when it gets to ground meat and stripes :eek: make me a random lasagna now
  5. LaraCroft

    LaraCroft Registered

    Tortillas with gratinated corn :
    You will need: tortillas, nacho, salsa sauce, minced meat, vegetables (onions, peppers, carrots, tomatos, avocados), red beans, corn.
    1) onions + meat + salt,pepper,powdered chilli
    2) add vegetables
    3) add nacho + salsa
    4) add red beans and some parsley
    5) fill your tortilla with this mixture, add some more nacho cheese, regular cheese, tomato, avocado sauce) and fry your tortilla in a pan
    Gratinated corn:
    1) make bechamel sauce, add 2 tbs of salsa and pour over your corn. add some cheese and bake it for about 20 min
    * How to make bechamel sauce:
    Melt butter in a saucepan. Stir in an equal amount of flour and cook the mixture for just under a minute. Stir in milk, a little at a time, making sure to stir well so that no lumps form.Bring the mixture to the boil, stirring constantly, so that the mixture thickens and becomes glossy. Boil for a couple of mins.
    Enjoy getting fat! yumm:)
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  6. lifeboy

    lifeboy I Will Be Watching You Banrighted Donator

    Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs;)

    Here’s what you will need:
    Makes 8 chicken bombs.

    * 2 ripe avocados
    * ½ white onion, finely chopped
    * ½ tomato, chopped
    * 2 Tbsp. cilantro, chopped
    * ½ Tbsp. kosher salt
    * 2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lime juice
    * 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
    * Kosher salt
    * Freshly ground black pepper
    * 8 bacon strips
    * 1 Tbsp. canola oil

    1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
    2. Using a knife, cut around the pit of the avocado, separating the halves from each other. Remove the pit and use a spoon to scoop out the avocado. In a large bowl, combine the avocado, onion, tomato, cilantro, salt, and lime juice. Mash and stir with a fork until there are no large chunks of avocado left.
    3. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper on all sides. Slice chicken breasts in half crosswise. Cut a slit into the center of each half to make a pocket. Take a heaping spoonful of the guacamole and pack it into the pocket. Pinch the edges of the chicken closed.
    4. Wrap the chicken with two strips of bacon, making sure the ends of the bacon all end up on the same side of the chicken.
    5. Heat oil in a pan over high heat. Sear the bacon-wrapped chicken for two to three minutes on each side. Remember to cook the sides of the chicken as well. Bake for 10 minutes. Serve!

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  7. Spoma

    Spoma The Rebellious Deserter

    thank you for your beautiful link. now i will make sure i unwatch this thread too and put buzzfeed as my homepage instead. i love you.
    @LaraCroft see what we have to put up with? see? ps: i love your **** up there, i make that on my coffee sometimes.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2016
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  8. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin


    A typically Dutch dish, usually eaten in winter. Very easy to make. :)

    Number of people: As many as you like. Adjust quantities accordingly.

    Time: 1hr tops

    Required ingredients:

    • 1 kg potatoes
    • 1 kg carrots
    • 2-3 large onions
    • 250 gr bacon cubes
    • Milk
    • Oil / butter
    • Pepper & salt for seasoning
    • Cook the potatoes and carrots in plenty of water with some salt. It's fastest if you chop everything into smaller, equally sized pieces. You can put it together in one big pan.
    • Chop the onions.
    • Fry the bacon cubes in some oil or butter and after a couple of minutes add the chopped onion.
    • When the potatoes and carrots are done, drain the water and add the bacon and onion and a splash of milk.
    • Mash everything and add some pepper for seasoning.


    Eet smakelijk! :)
  9. Emily Lewitt

    Emily Lewitt Registered

    Ok, now I have to make this. Hope it will come out good. I am not so good in the kitchen.
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  10. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Penne with bacon and rucola

    Number of people: 1

    Time: 30 min

    Required ingredients:
    • 300 gr penne (rigate)
    • 200-300 gr bacon (cubes)
    • 1 onion
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • 1 red bell pepper
    • 250 gr cherry tomatoes
    • 40 gr rucola
    • Olive oil
    • Cook the penne
    • Chop the garlic, slice the onion in half rings and cut the bell pepper in small pieces
    • Fry the bacon cubes in some olive oil
    • Add the garlic, onion and bell pepper and stir-fry for a couple of minutes
    • Halve the cherry tomatoes and add in the last minute
    • Mix with the penne and season with some pepper and salt
    • Just before serving, add the rucola and sprinkle with some grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

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  11. Voodoo

    Voodoo Kickrighted Kickrighted

    GammaDeltall u got really a Windy recipe :)
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  12. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Risotto alla curcuma con gamberetti

    Number of people: 1

    Time: 30-45 min

    Required ingredients:
    • 300 gr shrimps (or prawns)
    • 2-3 shallots
    • 1 red chilli/malagueta pepper
    • 300 gr risotto rice (e.g. Arborio)
    • 1 vegetable stock cube
    • Curcuma or saffron
    • Grated Parmigiano Reggiano
    • Fresh parsley
    • 300 gr cherry tomatoes
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • 1 lemon
    • Olive oil (extravergine)


    • Bring ± 1 L water to a boil with the stock cube and some curcuma or saffron
    • Chop the shallots and the pepper
    • Lightly fry the shallots and pepper in some olive oil
    • Add the rice and lightly fry until it looks glassy, ready to absorb the broth
    • Add the broth bit by bit while stirring
    • Meanwhile, heat the oven and slice the cherry tomatoes halfway to get a cross shape
    • Sprinkle the tomatoes with some olive oil, season with pepper and salt and put in the oven for about 10 minutes
    • Slice the cloves of garlic and heat some olive oil in another pan
    • Fry the shrimps (or prawns) with the garlic for a couple of minutes (sauté)
    • When the shrimps (or prawns) are done, deglaze with the juice of half a lemon and season with some salt and pepper
    • When the risotto is nearly ready, add some grated Parmigiano Reggiano and chopped parsley and season with some pepper
    • Put the risotto on a plate with the cherry tomatoes and shrimps (or prawns) on top, sprinkle with some parsley (and Parmigiano Reggiano) and serve with one or two pieces of lemon

    IMG_0900.jpg IMG_0902.jpg

    Buon appetito! :)
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  13. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Ratatouille de Rémy (Confit Byaldi)

    As in the movie :)

    Number of people: 1

    Time: 2-3 hours (mostly oven time)

    Required ingredients:

    • Piperade:
      • 1 large, red bell pepper
      • 1 clove of garlic
      • 1 small onion or shallot(s)
      • 350 gr peeled and diced tomatoes
      • Thyme
      • Parsley
      • 1 small bay leaf
      • Olive oil (extravergine)
      • Salt for seasoning
    • Vegetables: (Note: I just used one large green courgette and a regular eggplant. Follow the original recipe for a more colourful dish.)
      • 1 green courgette
      • 1 yellow courgette
      • 1 Japanese eggplant
      • 2-3 tomatoes
      • 1 clove of garlic
      • Olive oil (extravergine)
      • Thyme
      • Salt and pepper for seasoning
    • Vinaigrette:
      • Olive oil (extravergine)
      • Balsamic vinegar
      • Thyme
      • Salt and pepper for seasoning
    • Piperade:
      • Heat the oven (~200°C), cut the bell pepper in half and roast until the skin loosens
      • Let the bell pepper cool down and peel and chop finely
      • On low heat, lightly fry the finely chopped clove of garlic and onion in some olive oil until glassy, but now brown
      • Add the diced tomatoes, some thyme, parsley and the bay leaf and simmer until soft and little liquid remains
      • Add the finely chopped bell pepper, let it simmer a bit longer and season with salt
      • Remove the bay leaf (and thyme and parsley, if you used whole sprigs)
    • Vegetables:
      • Heat the oven (~150°C)
      • Spread the piperade on the bottom of a baking dish (reserve one tablespoon for the vinaigrette)
      • Thinly slice all vegetables
      • Cover the piperade with alternating, overlapping slices of vegetables, starting at the side and spiralling inwards — it may be that you don't need all vegetables
      • Mix some olive oil with a finely chopped clove of garlic and some thyme, salt and pepper and sprinkle on top of the vegetables
      • Cover the dish with baking paper and put in the oven for about 2 hours and then remove the baking paper for the last 30 minutes
    • Vinaigrette:
      • Mix the reserved tablespoon of piperade with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and thyme and season with pepper and salt
    To serve, put the piperade on the plate first, arrange the vegetables on top into a fan shape and drizzle some vinaigrette around it.


    IMG_0905.jpg IMG_0911.jpg IMG_0906.jpg IMG_0908.jpg IMG_0907.jpg IMG_0909.jpg IMG_0912.jpg
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  14. Uriel

    Uriel \\\ Night Watch /// Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

  15. lifeboy

    lifeboy I Will Be Watching You Banrighted Donator


    ROYAL-WARRIOR Registered

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    ROYAL-WARRIOR Registered

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    ROYAL-WARRIOR Registered

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    ROYAL-WARRIOR Registered

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  20. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    So, here we go with something sweet:

    Chocolate pudding on almonds served with pears

    Recipe is for 4 persons

    You'll need:


    - 50 grams dark chocolate
    - 500 ml milk
    - 20 grams sugar
    - 20 grams food starch
    - 1 egg


    - planed almonds
    - 1 pear
    - 2-4 pieces of chocolate (normal, sweet chocolate)

    Required tools:

    - Spoon
    - Blender
    - Saucepan
    - Some bowls (rather small ones)


    Firstly, make the pudding:

    • Put the dark chocolate into a blender and give it a nice mix, until it's some kind of dust. After that give the crushed dark chocolate into a saucepan and heat it up (carefully!). Wait until the chocolate is melted.
    • Add the milk, egg, sugar and the food starch into the saucepan to the melted chocolate. Set the stove on low-mid heat and let it sit there for about 10 minutes. Don't forget to stir from time to time!
    • When it's a smooth homogeneous mass, put it into some bowls.
    • Let it cool down.
    • When the bowls with the pudding are cooled down, put them upside down onto a plate to decorate and serve it. You might have to help with a spoon to get it out in a nice form.


    • Take some planed almonds and place them like shown in the photo around the pudding and also on top. You can place them as you want, of course, just be a bit creative ;)
    • Crush some almonds and drizzle them over the whole plate.
    • Now, melt down some pieces of regular chocolate. You can do that with a water bath or if you're lazy like me, in the microwave.
    • Take a spoon and draw some nice likes of the whole plate. Also here, be creative ;)
    • Finally, take a pear and cut if into quarters, take them and cut fine stripes into it. Just that it looks like a palm.
    • Place the pear on the plate, make sure everything looks great and serve it. (The pear can get brown after some time.)

    et voilà! Bon appétit!


    (not the best picture :p But it should do the trick)

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