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CoD4 JFF Comunity/Internal War (15-08-2017)


Warteam Member
Guys. Dont forget to update your pb folder and check if you can run 1.8. There are plenty of guides on it but you can join ts or discord ealier to get some help with it


I'm like Bond!
Warteam Member
even those that cant get online at 20:00 they can join after...
That Actually is good to know. I will join Discord at roundabout 20:30..

PS: hyb has to play with a handicap...
(no monitor or something like that) to make it fair :p


Party Organizer
every1 get rdy, is almost 8 pm. like i said those who are unable to join at 8 or before, can join after. just join our discord and server and have fu :)