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CoD4 gameplays/videos.

Been long time since the last Post Reply came in so i decided that my low quality videos i recently began to do - just for fun ofc - is enough for those who want to watch some cod4. I am not that skilled and do not really recorded the best sprees i ever done, but you can check it out anyways. enjoy
i like your tast of music ;p breaking benjamin + skillet


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Game Admin
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@nhatlam1804 Seems like youtube doesn't like you used someone's music :D Maybe add a tag to the original music provider, adjust the tempo or use another :3

Edit: Now fine ^^
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A good moment (aim comes and goes) :
Hope I find some time and motivation to finish my next montage than posting short and shitty Noobmod stuff :p
This is why R700 is op, you missed 3/4 of those sniper shots but it still counts...same bullshit happens daily on the servers...ban the R700!