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CoD4 gameplays/videos.


Glitch = Autokick
You got a bit of luck from my side :p watch every time you kill Sr.Burns, first time I shot you with deagle, 0 hits, ok. second time quick scope from the fence and you just got hitmarked, and finally headshot through the small house xD

Nice video anyways :)


Warteam Member
Today i found out something about the game engine. there is a max point of recoil that you can reach by fast shooting. for the time you hold that level of recoil the gun does not to go up any futher. dont know if you already knew that. I just dont want anyone to say i got nr or stuff like that xD.
here is an example for what i mean (best to see at the 6th kill):
Hey Guys, as i promised u in the introduction section, here it is my first Gameplay Cod4 Video on YT! :

Ty for watching!
you told us in the video that you didnt know the map at all. i think you were lying there, because you performed way too good for this. please join our war sessions some time on the jff teamspeak channel, I would like to see you to be our main r700 scoper. what you could improve is to stop shaking so much, idk if that is some kind of tactic to confuse your enemies when they look at you (well it works somehow, you are killing them quite easily with this tactical shake). also you can add me on steam so we maybe could have some cod4 sessions: steamcommunity.com/id/mexicanatacos yes I can speak a little bit german, my primary language is spanish. nice to see you around!