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Cod2 map suggestions.

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This is topic to suggest new maps on our servers.

When suggesting a map:

Add working link that includes screenshots of map and working link to download it!!!!

Some maps can make thru to our server.

We have 3 or 4 custom maps running on server 1 and they will be changed randomly in future.
I think it's a good idea to get Carentan(SD) Toujane(TDM) and El Alamein(HQ) back in the game
Argentan is quite boring and huge map and most ppl take a sniper and camp a lot :S
Also i think Carentan is on the map list but aint loading..i can see the loading screen but it loads the next map after it without playing Carentan.Anyway overall i think the 3 maps i mentioned is a must and also small and known to most players.
Hello there... Since I started to play Cod2 in one map i have totally fall in love... That is BORISOVKA (russian map).. The map is beautifull, you can jump on roofs,it has a lot of houses u can get into....and more... I think that the best mode for it is CTF,but its also very good in SD mode...

I hope this is good link for download,but im not very experienced with downloading maps so excuse me if it doesnt work there.... ---> http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/Bo ... ssia;61647

All in all if u try this map believe me u wont regret,it is really cool... Greetings,AlexTG
Its me again... xD
I see that noone want to suggest some map so I'll suggest one more x))

There is a map called mp_powcamp....its a cool map for S&D and it is very interesting for play it, specially with rifles only, although the name is a powcamp i wouldnt say that it is a camp map, It has some camp positions but also it has a lot of houses between you can rush... :D

http://www.filefront.com/11874876/mp_powcamp.iwd/ ---> download link

http://mapsagogo.free.fr/maps/cod2/powcamp.jpg ---> screenshoot no.1
http://games.softpedia.com/screenshots/ ... Camp_1.jpg ---> Screenshot no.2
Lom said:
like the suggestions of AlexTG , powcamp is good for CTF, for SD to big.
Its much more interesting with SD mode.... I play it a lot on one Polish server as SD,and there is usually only 16 players online max.(8vs.8) and size is just as it needs to be,maybe little to big, but on JFF server whit full server (14vs14) it would be great!
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