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Discussion in 'Call of duty' started by [jc]VanDamme, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. [jc]VanDamme

    [jc]VanDamme Kickrighted Kickrighted

  2. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    even tho the theme seems nice, they will mess up everything else. i guarantee it
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  3. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    hey, after like 10 years of crap, i think they owe us something good, plus, its not like they can afford to fuk this up, number$ dont lie.

    gotta admit, im exited
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  4. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    me too especially because its WW2 and they said that they will take really serious we both graphic and story and weapons. I mean it would be nice to have WW2 game cuz it deserves glory. damn I cant explain how much excited I m. Im following the page on FB and 26th of April they will reveal all characteristics that this game will have... omg only 4 days left to spoiler ^^
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  5. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    i rather get hyped for batallion 1944 and quake champions
  6. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    P.S. we must ask Thundy to dedicate a server only if game is worth of playing
  7. redzYe

    redzYe I'm like Bond! Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    Kinda agree..
    First thing to mention is, finally they passed this future soldier crap....

    But we'll, let's wait and see.
    Definitely worth paying attention to..
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  8. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    I was following it since it was only a rumor
  9. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    did you see this coming aswell?
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  10. -Sierra-

    -Sierra- Merciless Kickrighted

    nope thats new

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