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Cod 4 Game crash


Game Admin
Game Admin
Hi, whenever I launch my cod 4 multiplayer I get a black screen then the game exits and isn't on task manager anyone know how to stop this? I tried going single player then switching to multiplayer but it goes black then exits.


WaW Section
Game Admin
The information provided indicates that the following problems may occur:

- Screen Resolution
- Firewall
- Driver update or its missing

Still, most likely it is this is a common problem, and is caused by the game attempting to detect a microphone when there is none.

Go to the Control Panel, and then to Sound. At the top of the window, there should be a few tabs. Open the second one (labeled "Record"), and enable one of the devices there. You might need to right-click on empty space and check "Show disabled devices".

If you can, enable Stereo Mix. This is more reliable than enabling Line-In, for example.