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Cod 4 Demos not saving

I have a problem with Demos, in game, it's the second time i found cheaters on the server,
i change to spectator press "\" and then /record [Name of cheater] .... /stoprecord
When i go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos" i just see a empty folder, nothing there. What might be the problem? User right permissions? or something else?


Game Admin
ADD: Another way to make a demo is to bind a key. Open console and type this command /bind key record and to stop recording type this command /bind key stoprecord . example > /bind 2 record and /bind 3 stoprecord . By pressing key 2 u will start to record a demo and by pressing key 3 you will stop recording it. the use of binds will make a demo named demo0000 and every next demo will be named demo0001, 0002 and so on, just make sure to rename them so u know which one is which. you can bind any key u want , just make sure its not in the use by the game commands.