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CGAC Banwave - March 2017


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Some Good news
and for those that say CG is full of cheaters.... house cleaned :)

"After getting contacted by several players and admins about deteriorating conditions of community here, I decided to come back and take out the trash once again.

Special message goes to all the players that are planning to buy some kind of private cheat in future; consider that there is no such thing as undetected cheat, the same way as there is no such thing as unbypassable anticheat which will catch them all. The way 99% of these private cheat providers work is through misleading advertisement. Their developers all know these things the same way as I do, but the problem is they would not sell their hacks if it says 80% undetected, undetected for DEAD anticheats or simply undetected until some admin goes thoroughly through the logs."

In the end, you will get caught, sooner or later..

Full Article/Source and Wall of Idiots: CyberGamer
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Just found the name impegz on this wall. He did cod fragmovies and was a friend of nhatlam i believe.his ban is for macro/autoclicker. Gone to his profile> recent posts. He basicly said that he whould not cheat in cod4 and this ban is wrong applied because the program found his csgo bhop scripts. A cheater will be a cheater


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I remember: ~REMI~,Vazykkz, Gip$y and daNjii - they were banned on JFF.WarServer1... - No Comment

Most of those names sounds familliar...
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