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Hello JFF community
its very hard and sad to say this but i feel my time has come to an end , its mostly because of university stuffs starting so soon , im not comfortable for being AFK that much like last year (being useless) doing nothing. this community always means something special to me took a part in my heart, i would like to thank all of you , from @Thunder running the server doing most of the work till the last member and any other friend i've known n had a good time with them, i think that i made nice memories with almost all of you ..
sry for anything i have ever said and made you uncomfortable, i should not forget @Syd @Firework @Horrow @Yabwon that helped me much through my time with you. finally i hope this community lasts much longer it was my first and will be my last , never had much fun. you are all great together, thanks for bleving in me and giving me all these rights i tried my best with them . i may come from time to time to know whats happening and how u all doing.


Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
No no no no no :(

Ah well, life has a way of requiring us to re-adjust our priorities. As much as we feel sad of you leaving your post, please do not become a stranger <3

I wish the best in life for you mate, please stay safe and come back when you can :) Peace be upon you dear friend :)


I hope all the best for you now and in the future my big mountain :) hope you'll stick around when you can, and I can't see any reason why there shouldn't be a seat waiting for you here for if you ever want to return. Good luck friend.