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Best Minecraft mods and texture packs (allowed on the server)


Winter has come.
Minecraft section seems to have lost its popularity, let's try to retake it to its old splendor! :D Here you are a list of my favourite mods, most of you guys already know them, but maybe this will tickle the interest on new possible players :p

Let's start:


Kind of must, since this mod simply speed up the performances of Minecraft. Personally, I boosted it from 20 - 30 to 30 - 60 :D
LINK with explainations

Rei's Minimap
Useful minimap in the corner of the screen (like a cod4 UAV :p ) with particular settings.
link to minimap

Awesome mod that add plenty of new items Thunder's post

Water shader
An amazing graphics mod that gives a more realistic look to water. Unfortunately it's not compatible with Optifine. LINK
( patch for optifine here . Not tested)

Sonic Ether's Shader
Simply awesome!! This gives a wonderful look to minecraft, with real-time shadowing and motion blur! It needs a good pc though to run well. Need optifine to work.

MC Patcher HD
Last but not least, this is a small program that simply patches your minecraft giving a better look to the grass and the possibility to use texture packs.NOTE: it's necessary to use it before installing ANY mod.
LINK to MCPatcher

MAtmos (thanks to Cola)
Really interesting mod that add ambience sounds! LINK

GLSL Shaders
The first version of the Sonic Ether's, but not worse! :D
There are tons of different shaders, the daxnitro's one have a particular focus effect that focus on what you are looking. LINK

(need MC Patcher or Optifine)
They are not in order of importance.

Bordercraft [64x - 128x - 256x]
It's my favourite, but seems to be still for 1.8 beta. Inspired to Borderlands.

Minecraft Enhanced [128x - 256x]
This texture pack seems to have the same look of the default one, but it's 10 times better! :D

John Smith's Texture Pack [32x]
Really interesting one, it gives a nice atmosphere to the game!

Jolicraft [32x]

I simply love this one, but it's really different from normal textures :p It's editable like the john smith's one! It's worth a try...

Misa's Texture Pack
This is also a reeaally good one! Always updated as a new mc version comes out!

LB Photo Realism [from 16x to 256x]
Personally I find this one too "heavy", but it's really nice too and it's quite "famous"! :p

Summerfileds [32x]
It's a "rustic" but really accurate texture pack, it really gives a better look to Minecraft even if it is only 32x32! And then a lot of chunks are just awesome!
Customizable and always updated!!

Sphax Pure DBCraft [from 32x to 512x]
If you don't mind breaking the simple aspect of Minecraft, you hould really try this one: it can be used up to 512x512 (that is really HD :p) and has a sort of cartoon style. Always updated to the last version!
LINK to official site

Other ones: Dokucraft, Cubecraft, NationsAtWar text pack, etc etc... Feel free to add some!

These are the mods and texture packs I use/used, if you know some other nice mods/packs tell it here! :D I hope that this will be useful to someone!
RE: Best Minecraft mods (allowed on the server)

Nothing to add! You said the most important and to be honest I have never heard about the Industrial Craft or the Minimap Mod , Shall My Fingers click the download button!

I have one question: Since I am using the default texture pack, When someone will make a different item from the default (from the Industrial Craft MoD) what will looks like to me? :p I mean I will not have the skin, I guess it will look transparent with boxes inside (Like when in cs:source a skin is missing with purple drawn boxes)

Anyway that was really helpfull , and I have to say Optiifne boosted +20 fps in my MineCraft, I've only seen ONCE being my fps in critical times (10 fps :S) in JFF server that there were a lot of houses, But I dont know the reason :/ Probably cause of the lot of Different type of Boxes together


P.S: Shader Mod Is scary, Tried it to put It Yesterday and When I load in sg the World I had a BSOD :D


Winter has come.
RE: Best Minecraft mods (allowed on the server)

Yes usually texture packs are not complete, and surely won't have the mod blocks :(

If you guys think it will be useful I could make a similar thread for the best texture packs I know :)

// gotta try also that audio mod cola :D
RE: Best Minecraft mods (allowed on the server)

Cola2203 said:
Thx for this collection was searching for the sonic mod a long time:D

add from my side:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/379925-123-matmos-r11-environmental-sound-atmosphere-simulator/

Really Good mod! *Adds to-do list*

I am not sure but anyone knows a mod (just for blur) for bluring the edges of minecraft?[hr]
IedU said:
Yes usually texture packs are not complete, and surely won't have the mod blocks :(

If you guys think it will be useful I could make a similar thread for the best texture packs I know :)

// gotta try also that audio mod cola :D
No need :D post here ^-^ (edit the your first one) dont forget the photorealism :(


Winter has come.
follow the guide on how to install mods. You first need the ModLoader that is simply another mod (remember to take the one for mc 1.2.3) You just have to drag the files of modloader.zip ajd drop them into minecraft.jar with winrar.
after installing modloader, drag and drop the files of rei's minimap into minecraft.jar like before, finished :p


Winter has come.
I was also wondering if could be possible to change this thread and the mods thread of Thunder into "important" threads, so that they don't get lost with time :)
VizionzZ said:
Βad news. :/
I added some mods... and when i try to play mc i have a black screen!
same here, I hope you did not forgot to backup your .jar file, I felt a bit confused how to install them so I just keep optifine and I will try the minimap later


Winter has come.
Guys explain here the problems I'll try to answer you!
Remember that Optifine now substitute MC Patcher, so don't use both (especially don't use Optifine after the patcher) or you'll get black screen...
They both support HD textures :)
And remember always to delete META-INF folder :p


Winter has come.
VizionzZ said:
META is deleted..
so.. what i have to do is to delete optifine OR mcpacher?
It depends.. If you have a good pc you don't need Optifine, on the contrary if you would like to have more fps to make it smoother use Optifine.
You can use texture packs with both, but you can't apply both on minecraft.jar, they are incompatible. If you need the backup of minecraft.jar I could upload it.
look guys those problems caused by some reasons -
1. you need to install all mods in right order ... first allways install - modloader/mp then forge all fixes audio base mods - just after u installed them install all other mods that adds items for example ...
2. be careful merging mods files in one folder .... if u want u need to add them in the same order as i wrote before ...
3. some mods arent compatible with others ... so install one mod - check mc - add another - check again ....
4. if some mods are for other mc version than others .. it will not work ...


i also love that mode ! rly rly fun and awesome ... try it ... i hope its complatible with others ... it do with ic ! ( maybe i will create a lil repack of thunders modpack ;)


post some pics from it i took for my own ??