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Because why not?


Revenge Solves Everything
Hey guys i was thinking, maybe it would be a great idea to make a JFF deathrun server ?
I bet a lot of players played deathrun i know i did and it was fun. New players will come for sure too cause you know , deathrun.
What do you think @Thunder ?


I've also played Deathrun a lot back in the days, hosting it on GameRanger, I remember people didn't know how to host mods years ago and they kept spamming me on how to host their own lol.

I love deathrun , think it would be a nice idea to add it, I was even wondering how come there isn't a DR server.

Gun Game is fun as well but it's not that popular on CoD4 , tbh it's not that popular even on latest cods, I play cod ww2 and if I leave a gungame lobby 9/10 times if i join queue again it will put me back in the same server thus showing that not so many people play it.