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Discussion in '(Non-)Members announcements' started by Psycho, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    Just as I quit cuz of Rise, im gonna reapply in 3 weeks as rules say just because ur "love" twoards me ;)
  2. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    do what ever you want.. not all my life is around you.. and yes i hate you alot, nothing to hide you know it for long time :) good luck with your apply drama girl.
    so you made drama and made kurdi and rise feel bad for free? good game


    4 weeks mate, another free week from you i got there. lucky me
  3. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    Admins please close this thread for now , let them calm their tities and have a drink after demo is as checked please open this again since this will lead to no where except flaming

    Edit: I had to edit, don't blame anyone for your action thats not how a man should be and, its your choice to go out of jff no one forced you , you willingly clicked leave jff. With that being said admins are giving you a chance to calm your titles so do that.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
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  4. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    Nope horrow ... No flaming here mate :*
    4 weeks , no problem :)
  5. Anubis

    Anubis The Great Kickrighted

    This guy is a joke. As I always knew he was.

    About Kurdis case, stats actually tell you everything. Or better yet, gameplay does. I know Kurdi for a long long time, probably longer than 99% of you. And, I know most peoples gameplay, game style, perks, ratios and so on. Either this Kurdi isn't the old Kurdi or he's using some hack. Period.

    But I won't waste time recording him since everyone can use wh if he's smart without being banned. You never shoot through walls and you never follow people through it as well. Even if he does, he is liked too much to be banned. If most people hated him, they would say that that demo is enough.

    I have nothing personal on Kurdi, I like him, but I'm also sure he hacks.

    EDIT: And when they vote you back in in 4 weeks, you will see that this community became a joke too. Oldies would roll in their grave for this.
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  6. Perdikos

    Perdikos Registered

    Oh dear god, why...?
    bb Psycho.
  7. Lixton

    Lixton Registered

    Just to add my lil opininon:1. Same for me as for Anu , i know Kurdi since he tried to join a couple of times a few years ago before he got accepted. I´ve spec almost at least 70% of the guys who wanted to join and members. I played yesterday with him on one of the HC server and his performance and playstyle was totally diffrent from what i remembered of him.
    2.Psycho ? How many times did you tell you wanna leave JFF ? That isnt a mature behaviour, this is childish primary school behaviour
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  8. Thunder

    Thunder Community Leader Community Leader Donator

  9. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    True lixton ... Im just the way I am ... If Syd rejoined just few hours before I wouldnt even leave in first place ;)
  10. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

  11. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    Said the guy that left and came back in few days :)
  12. Fobus

    Fobus Registered

    Well, i dont know what Thunder meant, but she's a rather well known pornstar. Wanna rethink your post? xD
  13. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    shes a pornstart !? My porn knowlage is 0 :p
  14. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    one of my favorites Abby or Anjelica.
  15. Ardens

    Ardens G-Rated Justice Senior Admin

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