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CoD4 bann for no reason

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Your name/nick in game:vojvoda
Your IP:
Which one of our Admins banned you:I do not know for sure something new admin
Why you were banned?:no recoil
Why we should unban you?:bann for no reason


Хорошая игра
Nah not so new, just not so frequent to softcore.
Oh and thanks for actually filling out the form, you wouldn't believe the effort it takes for some people.. >.<

53914 No Recoil noob .i. vojvoda CmD
Demo is here: http://cp.justforfun-gaming.com/json/WallofShame/getProof/39629

I don't see any jitter at all with that AK, if I'm wrong I'm wrong, but that's me. If someone else want's to take a look, feel free. @ElementX @Gisbourne @Trobon
Not open for further replies.