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CoD4 ban for no reason ?! Unban, please.

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never sOber
Hi everyone,
Hi BR3 (which is one of the only admin i'm close to here),

As for tonight, suddenly, i can't connect to JFF servers. Either it says "Server disconnected" or "dOber ban reason : wallhack". I have no idea why ? As you know I am not a cheater and never have I cheated.

Can you please unban me ?
and maybe explain what happened ?

Thanks a lot guys, looking forward to be back !


never sOber
Your name/nick in game?: dOber
Your IP?:
(To see your IP: http://whatismyipaddress.com/)
Which one of our Admins banned you?: not specified
Why you were banned?: said "wallhack"
Why we should unban you?: I did not cheat (ever!) and the ban seems to have occure while i was offline. (i played tonight around 7pm, came back online half hour ago and found the ban)

SOrry for not filling this form before.


Game Admin
Movie Master
53888 Wallhack dOber dOber Sammy Ana
2017-04-27 20:02:50 2017-04-28 01:24:49
Please wait for @Sammy or @Ana to respond.

Currently there is no proof attached, so we will wait for that to be uploaded, please be patient.


never sOber
Allright, I will.
For the record, last map I've played today was Broadcast in SD (i think). And I changed name to BR1.2.0 (which is a joke to BR3) before going offline.
No kick, nor ban, while I was playing.

Thanks again,


pam pam !
Warteam Member
I did not report any Dober player yesterday..the only player i reported was UA ,i made demo and after the report he left the server.I looked now on wall of shame and i see he got ban at 2017-04-27 20:02:51 and at one second before
2017-04-27 20:02:50) apear report from me for Dober??? i did not report him,must me a mistake!!


Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
After a conversation with @Ana and her permission, I post the scenario of what happened.

The numbers in the pictures means:
1. 18.51.01: !list command (Takes time to display all the names).
2. 18.51.30: The player 'U A' left
3. 18.51.40: !br 16 wh but UA already left.
4. 18.51.42: dOber connects 2 seconds later after step 3

There was already ban request for 'U A' as the '!br 16 wh' command was used twice previously according to the chatlog (not shown in picture). But when !list command was used it took time to show all the players. So when the !list command was completed it was showing slot 16 occupied by UA. So by the time '!br 16 wh' was used, 'U A' had already left the server. Addon was slow for a few seconds, so when the last !br command was used by then dOber was now connecting to slot 16. At last when addon finally worked on the command (!br 16 wh), it sent ban request for @dOber
who was at slot 16 at that time.

Hope my explanation makes sense. This was just a case of timed mishappening. :)

Note: If anyone is wondering about the IP's in the picture except for U A's they are blotted out.
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