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CoD:WaW Ban appeal

Name: Fizzie213
Admin that banned me: No idea
Ban reason: Insulting
Reason for unban:

First of all, I have to say that I feel the timing was off. Knifed two people in a row, then get banned right after.
That's all I have to get off my chest first.

The main reason that I should get unbanned is because Call of Duty is Call of Duty, It's a game that people will get pissed off in. That's when they start hurling insults. I even witnessed racial slurs being thrown on your server. But I wouldn't be one of those people.

I hope this gets reviewed as soon as humanly possible.


Game Admin
Game Admin
He is 15. Imo its much more likely that he is just an edgy class clown. Not an actual racist.
I have dealt with a lot of racist people in my life, and you would not belive how strong minded a 15 year old person can be about racism or nationalism! No age related "growing up" mental issues here buddy! When a person is using number 88 to relate to something, you got 2 things going on; first of all he looked it up and got some knoledge about meaning of 88, and second is using number to hide his true statement, in this case saying "Hiel Hitler" So if it walks like a cat, has claws like a cat, sounds like a cat, its not a dog is it?