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Holla At Me yeah!
Real name : Kristi
In-game name : WaRRirOzz
Age : 20
Country : Sweden
Why do you want to join ? : I want to join Beacuse i wanna be a part of JFF. I wanna be a part of something big, and help you guys... Cod4 is my childhood game... i love it and i love JFF and the servers, And all this time me playing at your servers, makes me happy and on the other side i have made alot of friends in the JFF Servers. Also nowdays when i dont have anything to do, i join you guys to have some fun!
Which games do you play ? : Cod4
Which servers do you play on ? : =[JFF]= Cracked Server #1 , =[JFF]= Cracked Server #2 , =[JFF]= Cracked Server #3,
When do you play (time + timezone) ? : 12:00 AM - 04:00 PM, maybe more, UTC/GMT +2 hours
What can you do to make JFF better ? : Help you, and help other gamers in need. Come with ideas and be only happy and not rude to other players. To warn players and tell them to be sportsmanlike, and not hack, glitch ETC, to report players and if they not listen, KICK or BAN. Also make sure that all players follow the rules that JFF Servers have in-game and in-forum.
Download, install and use our Addon (it's required!)? : YES


Game Admin
Game Admin
You successfully created your "Want to join" application. Don't worry, you will be informed about the results after the next admin meeting, whether you passed recruitment or not. Please be patient and stay active in-game and on the forums. Browse our forum for more information about our community, rules and our ranking system.
Thanks for your understanding!