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Admin Meeting 2018.10.07


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Game Admin
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@Hybrid, you left the clan so your opinion is irrelevant to the admins/playtime! But I'm tell you the secret now, if would you membership of clan, even then marginal the comment, how which admin has enough time to keep the rank or no, because that decision is solely the rights of the admins!
I understand that. Relevant or not. I still see lvl 5 as section leaders. How are you supposed to lead a section if you are out of touch with the active part of the community for so many years?
I do believe that this is the reason sierra left aswell. Its the same principle that people loose trust in their politicians.
I believe that the active admin really deserve their position. I saw your efforts and respect it deeply. But i can not have trust in someone who got this rank before i joined this community and did not connect to me since then. I dont even know if they got their rank for their efforts or because there was no leader in place.

I suggest that we have some community events to get to know each other better.


Retired Admin
You see level 5 as SL, but that's not the case anymore. The greenies are in charge!
Just because you didn't see the effort of some admins (because before your time) they need to connect with you? Think its the otherway around, if a new guy comes in a company he or she needs to put in more effort then the people working there for ages...imho.
And yes, some don't want to connect, but that doesn't make them less, they probably did that all before you joined.