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Admin Meeting 2017.05.28


Community Leader
Community Leader
Admins Online: Ardens, Gisbourne, Yabwon, Gianni, Thunder, Digitron, ElementX, Firework, Sammy, Warnaar, GammaDeltaII

- redzYe

On hold:
- Ganja Hero!
- __Aboody__

- Magneto

- Blade BR
- Lifeboy BR
- Bogi BR
- Mef_the_akko BR
- Dizatro KR
- [jc]VanDamme KR
- GammaDeltaII Senior Admin

To all KR and BR: Kicking and banning people are means of last resort. Do not overuse these actions.
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WaW Section
Game Admin
Welcome to the clan @redzYe, i wish you good job!:)
@lifeboy, @Blade If you guys knew how much i waiting a long time for this!:D Really you deserved it both of you, congratulations.;)
@Akkordmef & [jc]VanDamme Joy it is for me and congratulations! Ps.: Van i wish you to advance even beyond!;)
@Bogi and @Dizatro The two old returners, congratulations the guys!:)
And last but not least, a huge congratulations to @GammaDeltaII it's a beautiful acknowledgment, accept my sincere appreciation!:)


Hopeless case
Game Admin
@redzYe welcome in!
Congrats to all promoted ones. I assure you that I will use my rights only when necesarry. To this moment I was usually very soft to all rule breakers except for cheaters. This 'incident' that happend wont happen ever again. Thank You for your trust.