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Admin Meeting 2017.01.08

Discussion in 'Admin Meetings' started by Thunder, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. PrOvokator

    PrOvokator Slaps you silly

    I'm getting called out for my opinion, now that's a shame. I am very well aware of the "ranking" system, and it is made as if the members should be grateful for their rank, while it is the community that should be grateful, but I don't want to start some stupid debate on this subject.
  2. land1987

    land1987 Banrighted Banrighted Warteam Member

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  3. upsen

    upsen just a sheep. Kickrighted Donator

    Welcome and congratz to all
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  4. arpithmania

    arpithmania Member Member

    welcome recruits & congratz promoted.
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  5. sadMAN

    sadMAN Member Member

    - Trobon Admin
    - Lifeboy KR
    - Ana KR
    - Blade KR
    - Arrow KR
    - Voodoo KR
    congrats Brothers and welcome new Recruits..:)
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  6. Bauer

    Bauer Party Organizer Member Warteam Member

    wuuut, where the **** is bogibo?

    @Trobon congratz making into the sporting club, well deserved
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  7. Uriel

    Uriel \\\ Night Watch /// Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    Look who was asking :p

    Good to see you again online M8
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  8. Yabwon

    Yabwon Senior Admin Senior Admin Donator

    A small reminder of this point. It concerns ALL of members. Last days, I've seen more members playing with random tag, than under JFF tag...
    In other case, you don't want to know the story of the guy, who didn't follow this rule in the past ;)

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