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Admin Meeting 2017.01.08

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Community Leader
Community Leader
Admins Online: Gianni, Thunder, Gisbourne, Ardens, Gamma, ElementX, Yabwon, rvl Joe, Warnaar, Sammy, Digitron

- Sierra
- Dizatro
- Magneto
- [jc]VanDamme


- Trobon Admin
- Lifeboy KR
- Ana KR
- Blade KR
- Arrow KR
- Voodoo KR

- Hyde Member
- Iedu Member
- Bogi Member
- Horrow Member

- Maffia
- Shujinko

Other things:
- !putteam command will be added for KR+ people (cod4)
- !vote command will be added for BR+ people
- Merge #1 & #2 is a no go (cod4)
- Glitching and rechamber cancelling, keeping as is.
- Ana & Blufish are now warteam leaders
- Play with your tag =[JFF]=, be proud to be a member!
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Game Admin
Game Admin
Welcome in, new blood! (and old ones :p) Have fun here!

Congrats to the promoted ones :) Also for you, have fun!

Sad to see those demotions actually.. but what can I say, it's just fair. :/
@IedU :(

oooh and there is something weird as I can see, maybe a typo or something, I'm not sure. Look:

- Trobon Admin
Seriously, guys, thanks a lot for the trust! That's such an honour for me! Can't really believe it at the moment.. I've no idea what to say at the moment. I'm lost. Wow!
Not open for further replies.