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Admin Meeting 12.02.2012

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Community Leader
Community Leader
Demoting / Inactive admins:

Hobo -> Inactive , since he is busy with rl and we dont know when he comes back :(
Frost -> BR , till he is playing more our games again :)
DaSerpent -> BR , till he comes more on forums and in admin meeting.

New admins :

Welcome in the admin team xsoul ! More new admins will follow next admin meeting. (DO NOT ASK FOR IT OR DONT GET UPSET WHEN YOU DONT GET THEM)

There is coming a new feature in the admin CP , where you can vote for the maps ! You choose your 5 maps you like most. Every 2 months the rotation will be set to the maps with the most votes. And the voting starts again every 2 months.

Admins who werent at the admin meeting especialy cod2 & cod5 could you send in the recruits you would like to see in JFF. So needled and me can let them in yh or no.

Greets Thunder
Yes, I'm a ****. Is that what you mean?! ^^

This is great. Thank you for the vote of confidence or the vote that I sit around watching cp a lot anyway so, might as well put me to use ^^
Not open for further replies.