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Add-on commands

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List of available commands (slightly updated):

!report [user] [reason]
: Sends a report to all =[JFF]= members running the add-on and shows if the report was sent successfully and to how many members it was sent. Players can be reported privately by adding @ in front of the command, e.g., "@!report John Wallhack" will only be visible to the reporter and in-game =[JFF]= members.
!calladmin [user] [reason] : Same as !report. Note: user and reason must be specified, otherwise it doesn't work!
!admintest : Shows your current admin level. (!ad)
!help :
Shows only admin commands currently! (!h) or (!?)
!help -fun : Shows all fun commands you are able to use in game.
Currently available fun commands:
!bannanas (note the incorrect spelling :p), !beer, !b*tch, !boobs, !brohoof, !cake, !clean, !coke, !cookie, !fortune (no player name required), !hug, !kiss, !lick, !love, !milk, !pizza, !slap, !tea, !gamma, !nyah, !grumpycat
!help [command] : Shows you what the command does, how to use it and alternatives to the command. Info on how to use command between <> is mandatory, () is optional and [] is other things that can be added to a command to change it's output.
!time : Shows current server time
!credits : Shows creator of the the JFF add-on and other stuff
!stats : Shows your stats (k/d and score)
!kd [-sniper|-nade] : Shows your sniper and nade k/d, respectively
!admins : Shows all admins online on the server.
!spree_record : Shows the current spree record on the sever. (!sr)
!seen [name] : Shows when a user was last seen on the server. (Write exact name!)
!show_nextmap : Shows the next map banner. (!sn, !nm)
: Shows the time you spent in game.
!top : Shows top 5 players by score.
!toptime : Shows top 5 players by playtime
!topkills : Shows top 5 players by kills
!vote [yes|no] : Casts your vote for polls induced by admins. (For restart or nextmap)
!session : Shows your playtime and your K/D counting from the time you've connected.
!session [name] : Shows the playtime and the K/D from a by [name] defined player from the time this player has connected.
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