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Can someone check chat logs from last hour? i mean 12:30-13:30.
Level of abusing other people was so fucking high... And no any admins.
I heard at least 20 insults about me. Im noob, cheater, hacker, aimboter, wh cheater etc.

Its hard to play and staying focus with this kind of ****. And i know that, that this kind of insults are normal on most of gaming servers, but i alwyes thought JFF Community are different.
We should stand up to this kind of behaviors.

Its great server with cool people but sometimes its hard to play there.

Thx for reading my complains ;)


Very anti-fish
I'll have a look if there is something really offensive, but according to what you're saying, people calling other people noobs , or cheaters is indeed usual and you should just ignore that .

Edit : yeah it seems it's only that kind of stuff, there's nothing we can do about it. There will always be crying kids like that, best is to just ignore them , let them call you hacker all they want, if they report you a JFF member will come and spec you, and tell them you're clean (at least I hope you are :p )

Have fun on our servers , regardless of the haters

Edit 2 :
i would advice u to install our addon so u can get an jff in real time :p
i saw this happen to you today also i was waiting for a KR & was about to make a ban req(when the accusing got excessive) until @Putty came in & kicked him.

maybe you should just join jff:)


hey boys,

Dunno why but @Szilom face is annoying or something :D cause everyone play with him, and actually we have lots of player about abuse players and jff members as well, we have 2 active kickrighted on server but sometimes is not enough and sometimes one of hours is wel quiet on server no idea why... :D come on szilom join the club. But other side i play not a lot unfo at this time due the private life problem, but try make clean and nice the server... :)