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10th JFF Birthday 01.03.2019


Game Admin
Hey there folks! Hope you have/had a pleasant day today while our community celebrates its last birthday :(. The big 10!

Sry @Thunder for stealing your lightning ;)! But the day was dragging along and i wonder if ppl even noticed what day is today.

I would like to thank you all (every single registered member) for your contribution to this community, your time, opinions, love, hate and even spam. How ever big or small your influence might have been, it made this virtual place very real and special! Pat yourselves on the back, you all earned it!

Thunder and @Gianni , i would like to specially thank you! You two should be proud! Stay strong!


Warteam Member
So I really had to take my time writing all this stuff..

First of all I want to Thank @Thunder and @Gianni for creating this community and for accepting me.

Out of all the admins I want to especially thank my dear friend @ElementX .
We laughed quite a lot together about all kind of things. I know we will keep in touch, as we both think alike and we just need to talk man. I really Tha k you for all your help, advice and all the informations you kept providing me with...
I love you my friend, even though I never will read your book..

Also thanks @Warnaar80[NL] for your really great pdf, but my wife almost killed me :)

I also would like to thank @GammaDeltaII
For your help when I had questions and fukkin solving all the riddles. AND especially for your great recipe, I still cook it and tell my wife I got it from you.

Also Thanks @Trobon ,my German friend for "flaxing" me, you lil fukka :D

I also would like to especially thank my friends @Gisbourne, @Sammy and @CmD
You guys are great. And truly are friends.
I enjoyed quite a lot of nights with you mofos :). Thanks for sharing these great memories with me.
I hope we see each other again, not in fukkin cs though...

Also thanks to @BR3
We had a really fun and great time together.
I will never forget our gaming nights. Quite a lot of laughing there...

Also thanks @dOber and @LittlePip and @REM @the MINION and especially @el-cuxillito (love ya so much and thanks for reminding me of rechamber canceling all the time )

I love ya my friends. I really enjoyed playing #3 and wars with you. We had an awesome time which I will never forget

I would also like to thank my war team mates...
I probably love ya more then all the others, except @ElementX ..
Thanks for all the great nights @Uriel @Hybrid @Lyzone @KonZone @BluFish @Anna
I really love you from the bottom of my heart and truly will never forget you. Thanks for all the great memories we could share and the time we spend together. We really had so much fun together.. Staying up all night long playing like retards..
Especially Thanks to @Anna and @Uriel, I would kiss ya both if I could...

I would still like to thank every single JFF member, without you we wouldn't be as great as we are.
And we always will be that great, cuz of all the effort you did for us.

Simply said, thank you guys.
I will always remember and definitely miss you and our time we spend together here....

For all those I missed, fukk you, I love ya,, just forget ya :*

Had to say it..and ps:
Don't drink and type.. Kekekeke

Now let's all raise our glasses and point out all your great work, not for one guy but as a community.
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Hippie Hippo
Happy birthday, my dears! Let's get together for the last time and not share the longing, but share the joy that we will carry further in life.

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, you yourself soon must die; but there is one thing that never dies, the fair fame that one has earned."